Renovate Your Homes with Engineered Wood Floors

The engineered wood flooring is very common these days as it is stronger and more durable than the ordinary wooden floors. The engineered wood floors are also similar with the real wood floors but the difference is in the stability and strength. The solid wood is not as stable as compared to the wood which is engineered.

303 Floor Designs also gives you an opportunity to select from a range of engineered floors. These floors will enhance the looks of your room. Some people may think that the engineered floors are not made up by real wood. But actually we assure you that engineered wood floors are also made up of real wood but they undergo such processes which give them a different look. There are multiple layers in engineered wood floors due to which these are very durable and long lasting.

You will find an amazing variety of engineered wood floors at our outlet and you will love your choice as these floors are very much resistant to temperature. They do not shrink or expand with the humidity or rise and fall in temperature. That is why we always suggest you to choose an engineered wood floor for your house and offices.

The engineered wood floors require fewer raw materials for their production than the ordinary wooden floors, so fewer amounts of trees will be consumed. These floors are also environment friendly besides being cost effective and beautiful. We feel very much proud as we produce such products which are less harmful for the environment.

RefinishWood Flooring through Staining

Wood flooringlooks amazing when it is used for the interior decoration. But it may happen that after some time some people might get bored with the same design of the floor. Changing the complete wood flooring is a difficult process and requires a lot of money. But we have a solution for this problem. We at 303 Floor Design provide such amazing ideas to our customers which they can use to refinish their floors in a very less budget.

Some people think that they cannot stain their wood flooring in different shades. But we ensure our clients that they can easily stain their floors in different colors. We are here to provide our best quality services if you want to refinish your wood flooring. With the help of staining, you will get a refreshed look in your homes and offices.

Once you decide to refinish the wood flooring, the next important task is to select the best color for staining. This might be a difficult choice as many things have to be considered before. We have our trained and professional staff here which will guide you in each and every aspect. We will help you to choose the perfect color for the refinishing of the wood flooring which will compliment the interior.

A range of colors available to stain wood flooring will help you to choose one which you like the most. If you want to give a new touch to your rooms then contact us for our exciting services.

Laminate Flooring Is Getting Very Popular

Nowadays laminate flooring is becoming very popular among people and lots of people are using laminate for their floors. Many styling companies are working as interior designers and advisors are also offering wide ranges of laminate flooring.

People demandlaminate flooringdue to its specialties. The laminate floor gives a very real look, like a rock floor at first sight. It comes in a large variety of colors and designs. This floor design is very cost effective along with ecofriendly properties. This type of floor is easy to maintain and clean as it is made up of durable material. The best thing in laminate flooring is that it is very easy to install and also very easy to remove. This feature makes it very popular among people.

303 Floor Design,being a renowned fashion and interior design company, offer services in floor designing and floor installation for living rooms, TV lounges, drawing rooms and kitchens. We have a large range of floor designs along with carpets and tiles. We offer our services for laminate flooring as well. We have lots of designs and styles for this type of flooring which meet the modern standards. We have introduced a lot of new and latest shades for our line of laminate flooring.

We are offering special prices and discount rates for laminate floor installation. The customers can place their order for their laminate flooring through phone call or by filling the form available on our website. We usually follow the orders within a week.

Get Laminate Wood Flooring and Installation Services

Laminate wood is quite the thing trending these days in houses. Wood flooring has being changed immensely as it is available very new designs and textures for people to choose from for their places. Laminate wood flooring is extremely durable and scratch resistant. It is highly resistant to burns, sunlight and stains as well. This is the best thing about the laminate wood flooring. Since it is very cost effective as well as durable, people are choosing it for installing in their houses, apartments and even offices.

303 Floor Design has got the laminate wood flooring available for the potential customers. We work in a systematic manner to make sure the customers get what they want. Our major concern are the customers. Our professionals deal every customers with complete devotion and make their requirements come first. Laminate wood flooring is not only affordable but it can be easily installed too.

303 Floor Design also provides the installation services to our clients. One can get their chosen laminate wood flooring installed up in houses in no time. Every member of the team works devotedly and carefully making sure that the client’s furniture and surrounding accessories are not damaged and everything is right in place. After installing the laminate wood flooring, our supervisor makes sure that there is nothing left to install. Everything is checked and brought to perfection in the laminate wood flooring. Good news for you, we also provide repairs to the flooring so if there are any potential issues, we will point them out.

Quality Armstrong Flooring for Your House

Today, there are many options for what kind of floor one wants in the house. You can choose from anything you want and in any design you prefer. The trending new Armstrong flooringis the special feature any new house can have. 303 Floor Design has got the best of the rest Armstrong flooring for our clients with any grain texture required. Armstrong flooring is most commonly used in houses all around the world. Not only houses but offices and apartments have also got the flooring installed. You can get the Armstrong installed in your place to make it much more appealing.

Armstrong flooring is one way to make your place look extraordinary. You will find all the grain types available in 303 Floor Design. This flooring is very unique and fashionable. Apart from the appeal, Armstrong flooring is very durable. It has several grain styles such as marble, wood, tiles and much more. There are other patterns as well that 303 Floor Design provides to its customers. The grain on the Armstrong flooring is so good that it appears to be real. We are determined to deliver excellence to our customers with the high quality wood flooring.

Our professionals work in an organized manner and they complete their tasks within the required time frame. We strictly maintain the quality and standards of our products and the services we provide to build healthy relations with our customers.Furnish your place with incredibly designed and durable Armstrong flooring and make it look like the best from the rest.

Engineered Acacia Wood Flooring Makes the Best Floor

Acacia wood flooringis becoming more and more popular with the trend in the flooring market and the excess demand of the customers for unique designs. This wood is mostly chosen for its unique and distinct properties and colors, of course. Acacia wood flooring further has many types which all are worth getting installed up in your house. 303 Floor Design has got tons of shades of this wood available for the people to pick the required one. The texture of the wood is almost like little dark spots stained on it.

Acacia wood flooring is pretty hard and strong when it comes durability. The wood is available in various colors listed below:

  • Red
  • Dark brown
  • Yellow
  • Golden

These and more will be available at 303 Floor Design. There are many factories that stock the wood to export in different parts of the world to be used asacacia wood flooring.It is one of the very best and extremely durable hardwoods available on Mother Earth. We provide the best acacia wood flooring for houses to make them more beautiful than what they used to be. We believe in elevating our quality and reducing our prices so that our customers can get the best from us.

At 303 Floor Design, we also provide installation services to get the acacia wood flooring installed as your floors. The products made available to our customers are the green flooring products which means they are non-toxic and made from recycled resources. If you want the best acacia wood flooringthen go for 303 Floor Design as we provide the best quality from the rest.

What Is The Perfect Place To Install Engineered Wood Flooring?

303 Floor Design offers special designs in engineered wood flooring for the customers. We have hired expert professionals which will help you not only in giving best opinion about the engineered wood flooring, but will also guide you which design to choose. This is the right place for the selection of best quality flooring.

A number of colors, shades and textures are available in the engineered wood flooring for our customers. The most commonly used species of the engineered wood flooring is hand scrapped styles or distressed ones. We offer such shades which will give a very natural look to the floors with their old world or rustic color combinations.

Another very major problem of the customers is about the installation of engineered wood flooring. People usually do not have any idea of where to place such floors. But our expert staff will guide you in this aspect as well. We suggest that the perfect place for the installation of engineered wood flooring is in the basement. You can also install it on the concrete sub-floor because of its temperature resistant properties. Our staff will also provide its services for the installation of the floor. It can be adjusted with the help of glue or through floating method.

We will guide you appropriately in the right selection of the engineered wood flooring. You just have to come and visit us one time and tell us about the requirements. The rest of the process will be made easier for you by our efficient staff.

Polishing Of Wood Flooring Denver

Beautiful wood flooring Denver can be maintained with proper care of the floors. The proper finishing of the wooden floors is also very important in order to make them look good. Often, floors have to bear scratches and burden of the heavy luggage which lessen their brightness. 303 Floor Design offers different types of polishing for the best finishing of the wood flooring Denver. With the help of these polishing services, the floors will look like new again.

The most common types of polishing offered by our company are oil based polishing and waterborne polishing. You can ask for these services for your wood flooring Denver according to your choice. Our trained staff will guide you about the positive and negative aspects of both of these types of polishing. Once you will get to know about the details it will become easier to decide the polishing for your wood flooring Denver.

A very important thing to realize before choosing a polishingis how much of the polish will be used. You should also know that what sort of traffic your wood flooring Denver will have to bear. By keeping these things in mind, the decision will be much easier for you. Once you choose the right polishing for the wood flooring Denver, the floors will look new for the longer time.

The selection of high quality products and best service for the polishing of wood flooring Denver is another important thing. To increase the life of your wooden floors, always go for the well reputed companies like us.

Dark Wood Floors Are the New Trend

Floors that are made from dark wood have their own charm. The use of dark wood floors in your house makes it very antique and gives it a rustic feel. By choosing the right type of grain, you can make the best of your house or apartment. These floors are the best when it comes to installing in modern houses. The benefits of having dark wood floors is that they give a very intense and great feel in every kind of weather and any kind of gathering. One can choose different grains for giving the impact as they desire by havingdark wood floorsinstalled in their houses.

Accessorizing your house with dark wood floors

The dark wood floors do not only look elegant but they are durable also. Due to their dark color, the appearance of your room also seems dark and it will not be able to get natural light. At night you might find it hard to look around for things without lights. Do not go for dark colored walls too as that might make things worse. When you have got dark wood floors installed, you can go for light colored walls so that the contrast is maintained and you don’t feel awkward in your own house. Speaking of the decorations, the colors silver and gold give the place with dark wood floors the best look. Get bright colored furnishings so that the room seems brightened up with all the mixed up shades. This will also make your house look bigger.

303 Floor Design has got several grains of the dark wood floors available in very affordable rates.


Get the Flooring Made Up Of Reclaimed Wood Denver

With the rapid increase in demand for the hardwood flooring, now many companies have introduced different varieties for the convenience of the buyers. One such type of flooring is made up of reclaimed wood Denver. This is the latest and unique kind of flooring for the modern interior decoration. Reclaimed wood Denver can be used to make floors as well as different furniture items.

303 Floor Design also provide flooring made up of reclaimed wood Denver. These floors are becoming very popular among people due to their eco-friendly properties and finest designs. We proudly offer floors composed of reclaimed wood Denver in various designs because they come from the recycling of already existing materials like old buildings etc.

Reclaimed wood Denver can also be obtained from the old mills, furniture and other useless items which can be used again to make good quality floors. Therefore these floors are also very cost efficient and environmental friendly. Another very interesting thing associated with the reclaimed wood Denver is the stories of the buildings from which this wood is obtained. Sometimes the wood we use is from the centuries old buildings. So we do not only provide you wooden floor but we fill your house with the chunks of history.

We deal in the best quality reclaimed wood Denver floors and provide the relevant services to our customers. Using these floors will give your homes and offices an advanced touch with centuries old materials. It will not only help you to reduce your cost but will also save many new trees to be cut down.

Chains of Tile Stores Denver

Interior designing and decoration is very common nowadays. The companies offer huge variety of products and services like hardwood flooring, carpeting, marbles and tiles. There are lots of big and small designing companies working in Denver. All the companies possess large stores for their products so that surplus goods can be stored.The tile stores Denverpossess quite a huge amount of variety for their customers from which they can choose according to their taste.

303 Floor Design has one of the best quality products which are placed in tile stores Denver. We work in different types of floor designs including wood, marbles and tiles. Our high quality tiles are placed in the tile stores Denver so that they can be saved from any kind of damage. Our stores remain open all day long,therefore people can visit us any time and choose productsas they require. We have given all the information of our tile stores Denveron our website, so people do not face any trouble locating them.

Tile stores Denver is very useful as we can manage our large quantities of products there and we can even store the surplus material. There is a large chain of tile stores Denverwhich we offer to our customers at very common places. Here people do not face any trouble while purchasing tiles.

We offer feasible rates on our products in thetile stores Denver. We offer different price categories so that anyone can buy tiles according to his/herrange from our store.

The Alternative To Wooden Flooring

The most common type of flooring available these days is the wooden flooring. Whether it is home or office, they can look good anywhere. These days, markets are filled with alternative options and even some new designs. You might have seen the tile that looks like wood. They are mostly the ceramic or Porcelain tiles. These tiles were available from a long time but people have started to notice their presence recently.

If you cannot get a wooden floor installed, you will have the option of getting tile that looks like wood. It is going to be a cheaper option and the best thing is that it will look natural. Some people might think it is not a desirable option but do you know that tile that looks like wood is more durable than a wooden floor? Yes, there will be no worry of getting dents, or any other damage because it is not real wood that will diminish in quality over time, it is simply some tile that looks like wood.

You have to keep some things in mind while choosing the tile that looks like wood. Not all types of tiles will provide you the same quality or appearance like natural wood. You might have to do some research before you finally pick the tile that looks like wood. Check the quality of ceramic and Porcelain tiles available at 303 Floor Design. We have a wide range of options in tile that looks like wood. Pick any you like for the flooring of your home.