Tile Installation Denver

We take pride in providing the highest quality tile Installation services as well as always looking into new innovative tile designs and installation. We provide all kinds of tile installation in the Denver Area. Our tile installation process involves innovative methods for beauty and long term quality.

Tile Warranty

Warranty will cover the replacement of any cracked tiles or grout due to improper tile installation for up to 5 years.

Warranty will cover leaks in Built Tiled Showers due to improper tile installation. However, Built Shower Warranty will be voided if the shower was not built by 303 Floor Design. Our warranty is on showers in which we installed the Board, Pan, Slope, Mud Bed, Curb, Waterproofing Membrane, Niches and Tile Installation in Denver structures.

This Warranty is limited to the replacement of cracked tiles. 303 Floor Design will not be responsible for the availability of shade difference in the event needed of replacement tiles or grout. Exact Tile will not cover damage caused by abuse, abnormal use, subfloor movement, alterations after the installation provided by 303 Floor Design, or any other cause beyond the control of our work.

Notification of a problem to 303 Floor Design, regarding installation is required immediately of the discovery of the alleged defect!

Tile Design ideas

Our goal is to design unique bathrooms, kitchen floors, or showers to be a work of art. We specialize in any design idea including: Colonial, traditional, modern, Contemporary, Transitional, Natural Earthy, Mountain and more.

Tile Installation process

There are too many ways to go wrong in preparing and installing tile that can result in huge damages over time. This can become costly and a genuine hassle. We believe that it all starts with the correct workmanship and materials. Waterproofing and firming the support for the tile is the key. Before tile goes on the flooring we install a product called SchluterDitra, seen at: http://www.schluter.com/6_1_ditra.aspx , and http://www.laticrete.com/distributors/products/surface_preparation/uncoupling/productid/290.aspx .

Tile Heat Floor Systems

Denver Tile Installation

Tiles Installation in Denver

Tiles Installation Denver

Different types of Tile

Tile in Denver

Tile Installation Denver

Tile Installation in Denver

Grout Options

Grout is a big factor to sustain a durable shower and floor. Over time as water runs through or cleaning goes through the tile, the dirty water penetrates through the grout and leaving dirt in the pores and changes the color. We provide different types of upgrades like:

Fusion Pro Grout - http://www.custombuildingproducts.com/products/grout-materials/single-component-grout/fusion-pro.aspx

Grout Boost - http://groutboost.com/groutboost-demonstration_root.cfm

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