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Q•Wood™- Engineered to Preserve the Environment

Q-WoodFlooring makes it easy for our customers to do their part for the environment when selecting new hardwood floors for their homes. While many brands talk about being green, Q•Wood™ Flooring demonstrates environmental leadership in every step of the process by:

  • From selecting renewable resources to eliminating added urea-formaldehyde
  • Expanding requirements by Lacey Act
  • Growing in 12 states with more than 65 million acres
  • FloorScore® certification based on the CDPH Standard Method v1.1. This means Quick-Step products won’t release any harmful VOC’s

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Marazzi Tile lines capture the seductive beauty of reclaimed wood with Colorbody™ rectified porcelain that’s both more versatile and easier to maintain than real wood. Sensual organic colors add depth and sophistication while extensive variability entices the eye to linger and savor every last detail. Advanced 3d imaging replicates the gorgeous nuances of reclaimed wood, aged and enhanced with heavily grained saw cuts, and worn, scraped, unfinished boards.

Vintage, revisited and revived for modern dwellings and public spaces – that’s the takeaway with American Estates, Marazzi’s newest wood plank series in color body porcelain tile. The artisanal feel of hand-scraped, hand-oiled hardwood is authentically reproduced on a strong and durable porcelain body that withstands rigors – water, stains, freezing conditions – that are often the nemesis of real wood.

Contact for our non-commission specialist: 303 408 4313

Color body porcelain embraces the lifelike look and feel of naturally grained and whorled wood in Marazzi. It requires a second look, probably even a touch, to be positive that it’s not real wood. Brand new large sizes options, rectified, combine with realistic surface graining and color shadings, of 3d digital print technique. The result is the beauty of prominent oak graining with all the benefits of porcelain . . . and none of the maintenance headaches.


On the 9nine is a beautiful new collection of waxed cover finished wood. Brings out the grain look with the flat finish. Easy to sustain clean, gorgeous modern look, affordable for everyone.

Contact for our non-commission specialist: 303 408 4313

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